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"Care Experts...when age needs care"

Agnieszka Szpara, Managing Director at Medicover Elderly Care Division



Care Experts  is a Medicover Group company established in 2013

We address specific needs of a growing population of older people and their families.

Our mission is to provide old people the comfort of living according to their individual needs and preferences by offering comprehensive scope of services from home care to long term nursing home care and treatment.

Our ambition is to break the stereotype of being old in Poland, increase comfort of life in last chapter of life and support entire families

Our operating principles are comprehensiveness, measurable quality, using best practice, transparency and choice for our customers.

Our values are trust, dignity and confidence

Our offer currently covers:

- Care at home: carer’s support in everyday life activities, nursing care, rehabilitation, physician’s visits

- Outpatient geriatric care

- Day care for patients with dementia with neurological rehabilitation,

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